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custom electronics, logitech precision gamepad, super mario bros., super mario all-stars, super mario bros. deluxe, nestopia, snes9x, kigb, masonite, plexiglass, video projection
dimensions variable
Related Work
Plex is an interactive video installation that translates patterns and decisions between multiple environments. A single videogame controller simultaneously controls three official releases of the original Super Mario Bros. (for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy).
Arranging a gamepad and videogames in this manner questions the relationship of the player and the videogame. While the three games begin in unison, they soon fall out of sync as the minor differences in programming reveal themselves and the system begins to break down. As the games become misaligned, the situations and patterns from each begin to inform the others. The games begin to play each other.
plex player installation  

Illinois State University, 5620 School of Art, 214A Center for the Visual Arts, Normal, IL 61761