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Epic (Super Mario World)

yamaha psr-400, custom electronics, super mario world

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Epic (Tetris)

yamaha psr-400, custom electronics, tetris
Epic is a video installation that sonifies the structure and repetition built into videogames. Players control Super Mario World using a customized electric piano rather than a conventional gamepad controller. As the piano keys are pressed, they play the musical notes as well as executing the gamepad functions.
The video and the resulting audio from the piano are recorded and, when the four tracks are played simultaneously, create a somber, echoing new soundtrack for the game.
The monotony of the frenetic original soundtrack is contrasted distinctly with the tension in Epic, which rises and falls analogous to the physical engagement of the player. The sounds slow to individual notes through the mundane parts of the level but build to frantic dissonant chords as the player tries to save Mario from drowning.

Illinois State University, 5620 School of Art, 214A Center for the Visual Arts, Normal, IL 61761