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The Essential...

yamaha psr-400, custom electronics

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The Essential... is an ongoing audio series that was developed simultaneously with Epic. As in Epic, players control various videogames using a customized electric piano rather than a conventional gamepad controller. As the piano keys are pressed, they play the musical notes as well as executing the gamepad functions.
Four people play through the levels necessary to beat particular videogames while the resulting piano notes are recorded. The music is then divided into individual songs based on the separate game levels and collected together as an album.
The piano interface transforms each videogame into a musical score that, while allowing for improvisation, must be followed.

The Essential Super Mario World

Available on vinyl or as a free digital download.

The Essential Super Mario Bros. (performance)

yamaha psr-400, custom electronics, apple g4 tower, nestopia, super mario bros.

Illinois State University, 5620 School of Art, 214A Center for the Visual Arts, Normal, IL 61761