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Fermata (Installation 1)

bicycle, custom electronics, television, video
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Fermata is a series of video loops and installations that explore our fascination with and dependency on the spectacle. Seamlessly looping the moment of stillness and preparation right before a burst of climactic energy causes the scene to slip between stuttering tension incapable of release and soothing, yet mundane, repetition.
An Olympic diver perched on the end of a diving board bounces up and down endlessly. A baseball player at bat sways in expectation of the pitch, but the pitcher just chews his gum. Ten sprinters crouch in preparation for the starting gun that never comes. This absence of a spectacular instant draws attention to the necessity of the spectacle that we have come to rely on.
In Fermata: Installation 1, the energy of a viewer's typical relationship with a sporting event is reversed as they are required to pedal a bicycle to generate the image of inactivity on the television screen.
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Illinois State University, 5620 School of Art, 214A Center for the Visual Arts, Normal, IL 61761