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I once bought a box of trophies at a yard sale.

found trophies, custom electronics, cardboard, video, continuous loop
13" x 8" x 8"
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I once bought a box of trophies at a yard sale is an interactive sculpture that explores the temporality of our achievements. Secondhand trophies outfitted with customized voice recorders and speakers sit in a cardboard box playing audio loops of people talking proudly about their achievements. In the bottom of the box a small screen displays the video loop Trophy.
As people walk by they can pick up individual trophies to hear a particular story. After listening, the visitor can either return the trophy to the box or turn it upside down and speak into it to record his or her own proud moment, thus erasing the previous memory. When the trophy is placed back in the box it automatically begins to loop the new recording.

Illinois State University, 5620 School of Art, 214A Center for the Visual Arts, Normal, IL 61761